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"Beida Fabao", jointly built by Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. and the Institute for Legal Translation Studies of Peking University (ILTS), is a bilingual database for China legal information with the highest authoritativeness, the biggest data volume and the fastest update. The database provides users with English version of China laws & regulations, judicial cases, tax treaties, white papers, law journals and gazettes, as well as other China legal information such as legal news and legislative/regulatory updates. All the English translations are accompanied by their original Chinese texts and the English and Chinese texts can be displayed side by side. Multiple modes are also provided for users to download documents from the database.

→Comprehensive Translations of China Laws, Regulations and Judicial Cases

I. Laws & Regulations

Beida Fabao has more than 10,000 translations of China laws & regulations, covering laws, administrative regulations, judicial interpretations, local regulations and local government rules as well as conventions and general rules frequently-used in financial industry. These laws and regulations are categorized into more than 90 legal themes, specifically including:

1. All the laws and decisions adopted by the National People's Congress (NPC) and its Standing Committee from 1949 to the present;

2. All the administrative regulations and foreign-related regulatory documents issued by the State Council from 1949 to the present;

3. Foreign-related departmental rules and regulatory documents issued by the ministries and commissions under the State Council;

4. Judicial interpretations and foreign-related judicial documents issued by the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate;

5. Decrees and announcements applicable in financial industry issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange et al.;

6. Foreign-related local regulations and rules formulated by local people's congresses and their standing committees as well as the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

II. Judicial Cases

Judicial cases of Beida Fabao cover model cases in judicial trial field of China. These cases, in a timely manner, objectively indicate the current situation and future tendency of China's trial system. The more than 1,000 translated cases are organized according to causes of actions for civil and commercial cases, criminal cases and administrative cases, specifically including:

1. Guiding Cases Issued by the Supreme People's Court

Since the first group of guiding cases issued on December 20, 2011, the Supreme People's Court has now already issued three groups of guiding cases, 12 pieces in total. Full-text translations for all these 12 cases are available in the judicial cases of Beida Fabao.

2. Judgment Documents Published in the Supreme People's Court Gazette

Beida Fabao provides full-text translations or summary translations for judgment Documents of case published in the Supreme People's Court Gazette from 1985 to the present.

3. Model Cases on Intellectual Property Issued by the Supreme People's Court

In the Beida Fabao database, summaries of model cases on intellectual property issued by the Supreme People's Court is composed and translated into English.

4. Foreign-Related Commercial and Maritime Cases

Beida Fabao provides full-text translations of model Foreign-Related Commercial and Maritime Cases.

→Comprehensive Collection of English Version for All Sorts of China Legal Information

1. Legal News

The column of legal news covers most of the disputed English news concerning China's policy, commerce, finance, investments, intellectual property and civil rights, which enable users of Beida Fabao a good understanding of current situation of China society. Users can subscribe the latest regulatory updates as well as database development and updates for free.

2. Legislative/Regulatory Updates

The latest legislative information are include in the Legislative/Regulatory Updates, covering legislative updates and tendency of laws, administrative regulations, judicial interpretations, departmental rules, local regulations and local governmental rules as well as disputed legal issues. Under the column, users have access to summary translation of legal news on information regarding the drafting, releasing for opinion, revising, hearing, deliberating, adoption, issuance and implementation of legal documents.

→Comprehensive Collection of English Version for All Sorts of China Legal Information

1. Tax Treaties

As an important part of international tax law, tax treaties are the legal basis of international tax disputes solution and tax cooperation. Tax Treaties of Beida Fabao covers all the existing effective tax treaties that China has entered into with more than 100 foreign governments or regions.

2. White Papers

All the white papers issued by the government of China from 1991 to the present are included in the column of White Paper of Beida Fabao, covering issues on democratic politics construction, rule of law construction, party systems, military control, national defense, nonproliferation, religions, population, resources, environment, intellectual property, food and drug safety, internet, as well as affairs concerning Tibet and Xinjiang. Comprehensive elaborations of the policies, opinions, principles and positions of the government of China regarding these significant issues as well as progresses that have been made can effectively promote the international community to get a better understanding of China.

3. Law Journals

The Law Journals provides English directory index of China's CSSCI Law Journals. Users also have access to full texts of journals like China Law and Peking University Journal of Legal Studies.

4. Law Yearbook of China

This column has English versions of the Law Yearbook of China from 2002 to 2009 concerning the evolution of China law as well as laws and regulations of all departments.

5. Gazettes

The Gazettes includes English directory index of gazettes publication compiled and published by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the State Council, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate as well as ministries and departments under the State Council. An English directory is provided for users to search for and skim through massive gazettes of legislative, judicial and administrative institutions.

→Authoritative, Accurate and Timely English Translation

1. Translator and Editor Team

All the English versions in the retrieval system are translated by the Institute for Legal Translation Studies of Peking University (ILTS), the fist specialized institution of its kind devoted to theoretical research and practice of legal translation.
All the translators in the ILTS come from law schools or foreign language departments of famous universities in China. 80 percent of them have master degrees or above. With an education background of both law and English, these translators all have translation qualification for certain professional fields and have been translating for an average of more than five years. The ILTS has also employees acting as translation counselors and senior reviewers, usually foreign experts, professors as well as doctors graduated from law school of Washington University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, law school of Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and University of International Business and Economics. To guarantee the accuracy of translation, all the English versions of Beida Fabao would be finally examined and verified by native English experts Since September, 2011.

2. Six-Stage Procedures for Quality Guarantee

Stage 1: Accurately categorizing legal materials, properly arranging translators, unifying standards before translating and unifying terms in advance;
Stage 2: Concentrating on discussion and explanation of difficult terms; conducting spot check for translations to guarantee the quality and handling any relevant problems located in a timely manner;
Stage 3:Accurately translating in native English and revising translated versions for localization;
Stage 4:Determination of the standard requirements for professional reviewer;
Stage 5:Checking for errors, making up for deficiency, controlling the quality of typesetting and graphic printing;
Stage 6: Collecting opinions and suggestions from users and conducting re-examination and revising as required.

→"Fabao Links" Function of Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Legal Information

Both Chinese and English keyword search are supported in the English Database. Especially the unique "Fabao Links", a two-way hypertext link function which links relevant laws and regulations, cases, judgment documents and legal literatures to English translations to help comparison and confirmation, can not only provide users with easy access to English legal information, but also help them to understand, study and make use of such information and create a three-dimensional system for legal information display.

→Convenient and Accurate Search Result Filtering

In the database of Laws & Regulations, laws and regulations are categorized by level of authority, issuing authority, status and area of law. The convenience and accuracy of search guarantee that users are quite satisfied with the search service. Even when searching among massive information, users don’t have to acquire that much knowledge of search modes and information content.

→Other Special Features

Multiple Browsing Patterns: providing both Chinese and English texts, including formats of single Chinese texts, single English texts, Chinese-English bilingual texts arranged in two separate vertical boxes as well as Chinese-English bilingual texts arranged article-by article in left-right boxes.

Various ways to download: providing downloading of single Chinese texts, single English texts, Chinese-English bilingual texts arranged in two separate vertical boxes as well as Chinese-English bilingual texts arranged article-by article in left-right boxes.

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